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Re: Linux is not about choice [was Re: Fedora too cutting edge?]

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

Hell no. We are in badly need of this crap just working out of the box.
And how do you know automatically that one of my USB-to-RS232 adapters
is my UPS (should be /dev/ups), one is my GPS (/dev/gps0), and one is a
cell phone (/dev/modem)?
Either we look at the USB device it's hanging off (vendor, product or
class id's), the driver or we provide a simple interface in
gnome-device-manager or similar (including command line apps) to set it.

You're wierd dude, this essentially the same thing I suggested and you

The system can't possibly work with multiple choices unless you have an interface to let a human configure which is which. Now the kicker is that most of my machines are in remote locations with swappable drives and I expect to be able to ship a pre-configured drive built locally and have someone pop it in a known controller position and have it come up working - and to be able to copy images that will work across a number of identical machines without individual attention other than setting the hostname and IP addresses.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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