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Re: Linux is not about choice [was Re: Fedora too cutting edge?]

Les Mikesell wrote:
Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski wrote:

Is it a user program that has changed my /dev/hdX into /dev/sdX more or less arbitrarily

Can you say "filesystem labels"? I thought so.

I can say it won't fix an existing configuration. I can say that filesystem label creation wasn't well thought out for people that move disks around (after you've installed fedora on all your machines, they'll all have the same labels and the system is not happy when you rebuild a machine with a different combination of drives).

I can answer this one: Require people to name their system at install (like windows, like macosx, e.g. john-pc), perhaps with a default coming from install date (200807110711), and then make the default fslabels be prefixed with that name and an underscore. e.g. john-pc_/usr

problem solved.


 I can say
that the design of solaris seems to take machine management over long intervals of time and large numbers of machines into consideration whereas Linux does not.

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