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Re: Linux is not about choice [was Re: Fedora too cutting edge?]

On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 11:00 -0600, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> On Jan 10, 2008 10:54 AM, David Zeuthen <david fubar dk> wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 10:40 -0600, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> > > We are badly in need of system-config-udev. I spent several hours
> > > understanding udev adn building rules for my sound cards and tv cards.
> > > I hadn't done a yum update on my F7 box for weeks/months (lazyness)
> > > did one this week, and it apperently just blew away my custom udev
> > > config
> >
> > Hell no. We are in badly need of this crap just working out of the box.
> > Throwing configuration / options at the problem will only make it worse.
> > Trying to explain this to people is apparently impossible since people
> > keep proposing stupid configuration tools with "unbreak my system"
> > options.
> Most people don't need to worry about udev issues like mine, unless
> MythTV with multiple video cards very popular soon

The idea is that not even you should have to worry about it -- they
should just work, i.e. if the hardware is present, the modules are
loaded, device nodes are created and PolicyKit has a reasonable default
policy for that class of hardware (e.g. "active sessions have access to
the device"). My guess is that you tweaked the udev files to get access
as a non-root user? In an ideal world this shouldn't be necessary, if
you have to tweak things, please file a bug as well so when your
modifications get overwritten (with an update) your stuff still works

It's unfortunate that the udev rules are in /etc which conveys the
(wrong) message that changes would be persistent over upgrades, but
reading the thread that might get fixed.

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