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Re: use defoma in fedora?

On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 03:11:57PM +0100, Matej Cepl wrote:
> On 2008-01-10, 20:04 GMT, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> > Hum I wouldn't have expected the X server to have anything to 
> > do with defoma. At least it is certainly unuseful in fedora.  
> > I would see it useful for postrscript and type1 fonts.
> What's wrong with fontconfig? 

Nothing. But it seems to me that the applications I cited, grace, xglyph
and xdvi don't use fontconfig.

> Besides, of course, that defoma has 
> (in Debian) all to do with X server (which can use Type1 fonts 
> pretty well, thank you).

But in fedora there is no need for something along defoma to have the X
server using Type1 fonts.

I think that using something along defoma would be useful for packages
that don't use fontconfig and still have a way to use a list of fonts.
So it wouldn't be for X, gnome/kde/openoffice, but for other applications
that don't use fontconfig.

It may also happen that it would be better to port t1lib to use
fontconfig to find the font files.


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