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Re: [OLPC devel] su/sudo or not to sudo/su (was PATCH: add --loginpause to mingetty)

Simon Schampijer wrote:

does not auto-complete. The bash-completion (141K) package solves this, which I tried on my F8 machine. Maybe worth an inclusion since the completion works as well for other cases like:

    yum in[tab]

(even so in the case of 'yum install b[tab]' it takes a while to list the packages).

I love bash-completion and I use it everywhere, but I'd not
support adding it to the base OS for the same reason we do
not install vim-enhanced, links, lftp and all the other nice
console tools.

The default console environment should be just good enough
to perform system recovery, and special administrative tasks
which have no UI yet.

Our OS images have grown over 300MB!  I think we could get
them back to 200MB or so just by dropping useless dependencies
and splitting a few packages.

|___|   Bernardo Innocenti - http://www.codewiz.org/
 \___\  One Laptop Per Child - http://www.laptop.org/

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