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Deleting a file/directory on startup


a package I comaintain (pm-utils) uses a lockfile. Because it may happen that 
the computer crashes when the program is used, the lockfile may be there 
already when no instance of pm-utils is running. Therefore the lockfile 
should be deleted on startup. Do I need to write an initscript for this? 
Which is imho not 100% correct, because this "service" should never be 
deactivated. Is there a directory , where one could drop a file for this? The 
only one I can think of would be /etc/sysconfig/modules, where ever .modules 
file is executed at startup. The original feature request to split up 
rc.sysinit in a rc.sysinit.d structure is more than five years old (which 
would be a good solution here), so I doubt that filing a feature request will 
help here. But maybe someone knows a better solution that the two I can think 


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