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Intel compiler integration tool release

I have just released attempt #3 at integrating the Intel C/C++
compilers and debugger into a Fedora system.  My earlier attempts were
named fedora-icc and icc-extras, respectively.  I've changed the name
yet again.  This time it is called intel-extras (because Intel has
some other tools that need integrating, so the package will grow to
include them over time).  The major issue with my previous attempts
was tracking new Intel releases.  Non-paying schmucks like me don't
get access to the same versions as paying customers, so releasing new
versions of the package that did nothing but bump the Intel version
number just didn't cut it.  This time, I have included a script,
intel-update, that automatically detects the latest version (or
optionally, a specified version) of the Intel tools on your system and
integrates that version into Fedora.

Get it here: http://jjames.fedorapeople.org/intel-extras/  (WARNING:
ugly web page alert!).

The earlier attempts were in the public domain.  This is a complete
rewrite, and this time I'm releasing it under an MIT license.  A
person who understands liability better than I do talked me into this
change.  I'm willing to help Intel make this package completely
unnecessary, free of charge.

There are now actual man pages.  They contain important information.
Please read them.

If there is sufficient interest in this, I'll try to find a good home
to host the project for the long term.  If only the < 5 people who
tried out my earlier attempts use it, I probably won't bother.

I tried to makes the scripts work with bash, ksh, and zsh.  I believe
they work with all 3.  If you find otherwise, it's a bug.  Please let
me know.

Since one version of my package has to work with multiple Intel
versions, there is some ugliness in the version number handling.  I
don't see a better way to deal with the situation.  If you do, please
enlighten me.

While I have tested this new release on both x86 and x86_64 platforms,
there are bound to be some bugs.  Please use this product with
caution.  In particular, please back up your system before you try it
Jerry James

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