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Re: Wanted: FireWire testers

Jarod Wilson wrote:
If you're among those who have voiced concerns with the FireWire support in
Fedora, particularly in the audio/video area, please do try to test out the
latest rawhide kernels (2.6.24-0.149.fc7.git2.fc9 or later) and/or the kernel working its way through koji right now[1].

For the most part, dvgrab should be functional with these kernels, on all but
Via VT630x chipsets in OHCI 1.0 mode[2]. IIDC video streaming (such as
coriander + libdc1394 v2) should be fully functional on all OHCI 1.0 and 1.1
FireWire controllers.

As yet untested with this latest kernel is FireWire video capture off a cable
box[3], but that's on my todo list for the weekend. (There's reason to believe
this might be working now with the addition of dynamic buffer allocation).

Additional feedback on other open FireWire bugs would be appreciated as
well[4][5]. Note that most of the enhancements added to the latest kernels are
on the a/v side, but I plan to start looking at storage more soon as well...

As a perhaps odd case, is it likely to be possible to build an initrd containing the firewire driver and have firewire drives included in md devices recognized and matched correctly during boot-up?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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