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Start/stop of OpenVPN interfaces with ifup/ifdown


The Fedora OpenVPN package starts/stops all VPN connections together
via a single init script.  The classical way of handling interfaces
in Red Hat / Fedora distros is to support new interface types via
ifup/ifdown scripts.  This is also the way it worked in the past for
CIPE.  In some situations this is a much better way to control your
connections (i.e. being able to start/stop them separately).

I see in <http://openvpn.net/archive/openvpn-devel/2004-11/msg00042.html>
that some work on this has already been done in this area.

My questions:

-  Is there a technical reason to not handle OpenVPN connections this
   way in Fedora or is it just that it was decided to stay more close
   to the generic OpenVPN startup script?

-  Does anyone know of recent work in this area?  I guess the example
   scripts in the thread I listed above might not work as-is with the
   current Fedora and OpenVPN versions.

-  Is there any interest in including (and maintaining) this in Fedora's
   OpenVPN package, maybe just as an alternative startup method,
   assuming someone wants to contribute the initial implementation?


--    Jos Vos <jos xos nl>
--    X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV   |   Phone: +31 20 6938364
--    Amsterdam, The Netherlands        |     Fax: +31 20 6948204

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