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Re: Wanted: FireWire testers

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Jarod Wilson wrote:
>> If you're among those who have voiced concerns with the FireWire
>> support in
>> Fedora, particularly in the audio/video area, please do try to test
>> out the
>> latest rawhide kernels (2.6.24-0.149.fc7.git2.fc9 or later) and/or the
>> kernel working its way through koji right now[1].

Its built.


>> As yet untested with this latest kernel is FireWire video capture off
>> a cable
>> box[3], but that's on my todo list for the weekend. (There's reason to
>> believe
>> this might be working now with the addition of dynamic buffer
>> allocation).

Nope, still no dice. Will poke more soonish, I'm inclined to think its a
userspace issue...

> As a perhaps odd case, is it likely to be possible to build an initrd
> containing the firewire driver and have firewire drives included in md
> devices recognized and matched correctly during boot-up?

Should be doable, yes. If you've got a line in modprobe.conf of 'alias
scsi_hostadapterX firewire-sbp2' (for some value of X) and the array running
when you create your initrd, it *should* automagically include the necessary
modules in the initrd. I'd probably run mkinitrd -v by hand to see for sure.

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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