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Re: compilation architecture

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
Don't be silly. Try some > i386 distro, and look at the difference.
About Firefox, I wasn't using Firefox 3 from RPM, but Trunk snapshot from
Mozilla's FTP.

I've spent *considerable time* keeping fully optimized i686 mtune p4 -O3 compiled gentoo installed on a machine I also had Fedora rawhide with *my own compiled and optimized i686 kernel and glibc*... the differences are minor at best. I guarantee a i586 compiled SUSE install is not faster than that gentoo build.

If you're really seeing that large a performance difference you need to be considering legitimate sources of 'startup' time, such as already mentioned in the thread... disk IO. How SUSE is choosing to link the libraries might be the place to start. Are they prelinking? How. Did they maybe statically link certain apps (like firefox that is used more than anything else)?

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