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Re: pirut, pup, system-*: policykit integration

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Daniel P. Berrange <berrange <at> redhat.com> writes:
gnome-system-tools lets you do exactly that. The core functionality is
all in the non-GUI backend. The GUI is just a shim which talks to the
backend over DBus. So you can plug in whatever GUI you like and use the
same backend code . Feel free to write a backend for KDE / whatever other
DE you care about...

But something tells me the "gnome" in the name won't make the project very attractive to the KDE community...

Personally I don't care too much about the name, even though I think having something like "gnome-system-tools-backend" as a dependency of whatever the KDE version would be called if it gets written is going to confuse users.

        Kevin Kofler

Yeah that probably needs to be rethought, perhaps breaking the backend out to a 'DE independent' package name and description that gnome-system-tools then depends on.

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