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Re: Wanted: FireWire testers

Jarod Wilson wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
Jarod Wilson wrote:
If you're among those who have voiced concerns with the FireWire
support in
Fedora, particularly in the audio/video area, please do try to test
out the
latest rawhide kernels (2.6.24-0.149.fc7.git2.fc9 or later) and/or the kernel working its way through koji right now[1].

Its built.


As yet untested with this latest kernel is FireWire video capture off
a cable
box[3], but that's on my todo list for the weekend. (There's reason to
this might be working now with the addition of dynamic buffer

Nope, still no dice. Will poke more soonish, I'm inclined to think its a
userspace issue...

As a perhaps odd case, is it likely to be possible to build an initrd
containing the firewire driver and have firewire drives included in md
devices recognized and matched correctly during boot-up?

Should be doable, yes. If you've got a line in modprobe.conf of 'alias
scsi_hostadapterX firewire-sbp2' (for some value of X) and the array running
when you create your initrd, it *should* automagically include the necessary
modules in the initrd. I'd probably run mkinitrd -v by hand to see for sure.

I can confirm that the firewire-sbp2 driver will be included in initrd by kernel installs with that alias present, and it works at least for my single external firewire drive... I don't know about md devices though. It doesn't work flawlessly, I have a problem with my drive causing some kernels not fail booting (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=349921) but I'm not sure if its the hardware's fault or not on that one. But as the bug says once the kernel is running access to the drive is fine.

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