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Re: Preloading [WAS: Re: SuSE Project SUPER]

Linus Walleij wrote:
Preload then uses readahead(2) or fadvice(2) to do the actual preloading.

Then preload is triggered from /etc/init.d scripts prepended with ionice(1) like this:

/usr/bin/ionice -n2 /sbin/preload /etc/preload.d/gdm

Then as can be seen there are some app profiles in /etc/preload.d that configure depending on used desktop what to preload, e.g. gdm/kdm, Khelpcenter, OpenOffice, Firefox, Gimp (why?), etc.

Incidentally, I think one of the main reasons the idea hasn't had much discussion is that question of what applications are so crucial to preload like this (gimp? laughable). Also, once an application is open its shared libraries are cached for later, so for machines that stay on all day this has almost no real benefit.

All code and scripts are heavily SuSEified.

But has this really been under our radar for all this time? The entire concept is like 2-3 years old, surely it must have been discussed before? (Not that I heard it though...)

I've seen discussion of this concept at least, maybe not that particular implementation strategy. The idea should provide some better performance from the user perspective... but the fact is the real wall time of getting your machine cold booted, logged in, and an application fired up and usable should not be much different overall. The real differences would be seen if you are not sitting at the machine logging in asap for instance (the machine has nothing to do until you log in, whereas with that preloading it might start loading up firefox for you).

If you put this in the distro, you need good high-level configuration tools so the user can choose what to preload or not, so you're not slowing the machine unnecessarily, or packing all the free memory with libraries the user doesn't intend to use that day/boot/login just to later unload it.

I wouldn't even want something learning my most used applications, just something to configure what will get loaded and what won't.

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