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Re: Preloading [WAS: Re: SuSE Project SUPER]

Linus Walleij wrote:
On Sun, 13 Jan 2008, Linus Walleij wrote:

* They use a LOT of preloading,

I have now looked a bit closer at this, and it is *indeed* looking like a major user-perceiveable thing, they preload pretty much everything and also add other hints to the kernel of what may be expected to be used soonish during boot, early-{x|g|k}dm and so forth.

It is rather crude: the actual mechanisms used are:


FYI, I recently outlined a (livecd) preloading implementation completely unrelated to all of this, which I'd bet money will speed up livecd boot by at least 10% (perhaps much more).

My method involves a devicemapper trick, the primary benefit of which is removing seeks. Theoretically this could help disk (non-cdrom) based boots, but would require ext3 features for sorting that I don't think currently exist, and the benefit would probably be <<5% anyway.

Still, something to look forward to. Now that my no-root-privs livecd generator tool is looking pretty swank along with liveusb persistence, I think I'm nearly ready to write the relatively few lines of bash code required to implement "super device-mapper caching" (just plain d.m.c. was already taken for something different that might help the disk boot case as well)



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