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diveintopython/book-prefix (was: Re: rawhide report: 20080111 changes)

On 14.01.2008 14:52, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Nils Philippsen wrote:
>> On Fri, 2008-01-11 at 12:55 -0500, Build System wrote:
>>> New package diveintopython
>>> 	Dive into Python - a python book
>> Have we relaxed our "code vs. content" policy lately? While I'm not
>> personally against having this package in, I don't think it falls under
>> the "Package documentation or help files" exception in
>> Packaging/Guidelines, or does it?
> There was a small discussion about this in this list and the general 
> consensus seemed to be that such documentation is allowed.

I think it's fine to ship it. But one thing looks odd to me: we use a
lot of prefixes for packages in our repo already (fuse-, perl-, or
python- are just some examples).

I don't like them to much, as it just creates confusion if we ship a
software under a different name than the one used upstream. But here
upstream doesn't even have a proper name that users would expect to "yum
install foo". So why not use a prefix like "book-" "doc-" or something
else for diveintopython and similar packages to make it obvious that
this is content (a book) and no code?

Just wondering.


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