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Re: Deleting a file/directory on startup

On Mon January 14 2008, Casey Dahlin wrote:

> The most correct way is to put some content in the lockfile to allow it
> to be determined if it is valid. Then pm-utils itself can figure it out
> when its run.

How can this be done in a bullet-proof way[1]? Also it seems to be a lot more 
complicated than just to make sure, that the lockdirectory is removed on 
startup (and there are already a lot of files and directories that are 
removed on startup by rc.sysinit, so it is more a common way to do it).
The best way I know would be to be able to identify whether or not a system 
was rebooted since a file was created, but given there are systems that do 
not have a hardware clock, I do not know of a way to identify it. Is there, 
e.g. a file in /proc or /sys that will have a unique content that only 
changes every time a system is powered up?


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