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Re: compilation architecture

2008/1/15, Horst H. von Brand <vonbrand inf utfsm cl>:
Callum Lerwick <seg haxxed com> wrote:


> Not quite "three times" faster, but 3.26% faster with i686. A major
> addition to the i686 architecture was cmov, and gcc is actually very
> aggressive about eliminating branching using cmovs, increasing
> performance on modern deeply pipelined processors by eliminating
> pipeline stalls.


> I suggest all key performance critical packages be made available in
> both i386 and i686 versions. glibc and openssl already do this. Off the
> top of my head, this would include Mesa, I know for a fact the majority
> of Second Life runtime is actually consumed by T&L inside Mesa/DRI. From
> what I understand, even Intel's latest chipsets lack hardware T&L. Makes
> sense, it helps sell more multi-core Intel processors, and probably
> helps consolidate power management.

Twice the size for 3% improvement in extremely CPU-intensive tasks, and no
gain whatsoever in load time, etc? That will translate to < 1% improvement
overall. Lost in the noise, anyway. Not worth it in my book.
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So what in your opinion should be made to make Fedora faster?

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek
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