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Re: Should vim-X11 conflict with vim-enhanced ?

Karsten Hopp wrote:

Till proposed in bugzilla #311061 to use alternatives in vim-enhanced and vim-X11 so that both of them can provide /usr/bin/vim. His reasoning as that when gvim gets started as vim (via a symlink) it opens the text mode vim with the additional benefit of xterm clipboard support.

How does this differ from using gvim -v?

I agree with the /usr/bin/vim stuff, but I think a better solution would be to add a conflict between vim-X11 and vim-enhanced. vim-enhanced is only of use on systems without X11/gtk. On all other systems vim-X11 can provide the same (and more) functionality as vim-enhanced.

alternatives is not a good solution for end-user apps on a multi-user system because the admin is setting a preference that is really better left to the user to decide. The user can set this preference using an alias (alias vim='gvim -v').

Conflicts precludes the ability to have both versions installed in case one user of the system wants one thing and a different user wants another. Additionally, we are trying to get rid of unnecessary Conflicts... this seems to qualify as unnecessary for me as there's a valid method of creating the package at the moment which does not require Conflicts.

What are you trying to achieve? Perhaps it would be simpler to get rid of the vim-enhanced package? Or perhaps what we have now is the simplest solution.


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