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Re: Should vim-X11 conflict with vim-enhanced ?

On Tue January 15 2008, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> Karsten Hopp wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Till proposed in bugzilla #311061 to use alternatives in vim-enhanced
> > and vim-X11 so that
> > both of them can provide /usr/bin/vim. His reasoning as that when gvim
> > gets started as vim
> >  (via a symlink) it opens the text mode vim with the additional benefit
> > of xterm clipboard support.
> How does this differ from using gvim -v?

It is more complicated that to run "vim". Running "vim" will always open an 
editor, even when gvim is not installed. I guess the reasons are the same why 
someone uses "gvim" instead of "vim -g".

> > I agree with the /usr/bin/vim stuff, but I think a better solution would
> > be to add a conflict between
> > vim-X11 and vim-enhanced. vim-enhanced is only of use on systems without
> > X11/gtk. On all other
> > systems vim-X11 can provide the same (and more) functionality as
> > vim-enhanced.
> alternatives is not a good solution for end-user apps on a multi-user
> system because the admin is setting a preference that is really better
> left to the user to decide.  The user can set this preference using an
> alias (alias vim='gvim -v').

> Conflicts precludes the ability to have both versions installed in case
> one user of the system wants one thing and a different user wants
> another.  Additionally, we are trying to get rid of unnecessary

Why should one want to use vim without X support, when vim with X support is 
installed? The only difference afaik is that it loads maybe some 1/100 of a 
second faster. Another issue is that maybe someone wants that vim-X11 is 
substituted by vim-enhanced when vim-X11 is removed because e.g. X11 is 
removed. But this does not mean that both binaries need to be installed all 
the time to make the user happy.

> What are you trying to achieve?  Perhaps it would be simpler to get rid
> of the vim-enhanced package?  Or perhaps what we have now is the
> simplest solution.

For a user it is a very annoying situation. When one installs vim-X11, the 
binary /usr/bin/gvim) cannot be run with all possible names, e.g. vim, 
vimdiff, view, ... And running it with, e.g. "gvim -v -d" instead 
of "vimdiff" is also annoying.


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