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Re: Should vim-X11 conflict with vim-enhanced ?

Karsten Hopp wrote:

Till proposed in bugzilla #311061 to use alternatives in vim-enhanced and vim-X11 so that both of them can provide /usr/bin/vim. His reasoning as that when gvim gets started as vim (via a symlink) it opens the text mode vim with the additional benefit of xterm clipboard support.

This can be turned on in vim-enhanced just by adding a few flags to the spec. It seems not to cause any trouble without an X server too. I've done it on RHEL.
I agree with the /usr/bin/vim stuff, but I think a better solution would be to add a conflict between vim-X11 and vim-enhanced. vim-enhanced is only of use on systems without X11/gtk. On all other systems vim-X11 can provide the same (and more) functionality as vim-enhanced.


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