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Re: Fedora bug triage - workflow proposal

On Jan 15, 2008 4:21 PM, Matthew Saltzman <mjs clemson edu> wrote:

> (I'm usually just a lurker on discussions like this, but I couldn't
> resist.)

Got some word on this off-list - it is a non-trivial endeavor to add
states, it adds nothing to the workflow.  Let's not get into a
discussion here whereby we're arguing over what color the bike shed
is...to quote:

Yet so many objections, proposals and changes were raised and launched
that one would think the change would have plugged all the holes in
swiss cheese or changed the taste of Coca Cola or something similar


Parkinson shows how you can go in to the board of directors and get
approval for building a multi-million or even billion dollar atomic
power plant, but if you want to build a bike shed you will be tangled
up in endless discussions.

Parkinson explains that this is because an atomic plant is so vast, so
expensive and so complicated that people cannot grasp it, and rather
than try, they fall back on the assumption that somebody else checked
all the details before it got this far.   Richard P. Feynmann gives a
couple of interesting, and very much to the point, examples relating
to Los Alamos in his books.

A bike shed on the other hand.  Anyone can build one of those over a
weekend, and still have time to watch the game on TV.  So no matter
how well prepared, no matter how reasonable you are with your
proposal, somebody will seize the chance to show that he is doing his
job, that he is paying attention, that he is *here*.

In Denmark we call it "setting your fingerprint".  It is about
personal pride and prestige, it is about being able to point somewhere
and say "There!  *I* did that."  It is a strong trait in politicians,
but present in most people given the chance.  Just think about
footsteps in wet cement.


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