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Re: Where are the CD ISO's? (fwd)

On Tue January 15 2008, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Till Maas (opensource till name) said:
> > > Not in livecd-tools, no. It knows nothing of merging repodata, etc.
> > > Note that if you wanted to do this, you'd want to handle split
> > > media.
> >
> > When one uses the dvd image, there is afaik no need to merge anything.
> > And imho merging would also not be needed, if only separte directories
> > for each medium would be used and anaconda could be told where to look
> > for each medium.
> Right, I still am not seeing why this would be in livecd-XXX-to-YYY.

Using livecd-iso-to-usb was an answer that was given to the question, how to 
get this (using the installation medium with usb) done. Then I asked, whether 
this really works and explained how it could work. Maybe 
installationmedia-image-to-usb would be a better name for such a programm, 
but I guess most of the code would be common with livecd-iso-to-usb.


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