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Re: Where are the CD ISO's? (fwd)

>>You probably mean regular
>>installable images and there isn't any easy way to convert them into a
>>bootable USB image.

> Why is it not easy?

It can be easy.  Use boot parameter "askmethod" with any device at all
(including a minimal diskboot.img on USB, rescue CD, GRUB, etc.),
then proceed.

If the DVD fits onto your USB2.0 flash memory device, then copy the .iso
as a file into some filesystem on a partition on the device, and do a
harddrive install from .iso images.  You must remember the path to the
directory which contains the .iso.  [I hope that the DVD stays below 4.0GB.
A 4GB USB stick is somewhat inexpensive, while an 8GB USB stick costs
more than twice as much.]  For a CD install set whose .iso files
all fit onto the same USB device, then the same technique works
as long as all the .iso files are in the same directory.

If the CDs don't all fit onto the same USB flash device, then it gets
interesting.  If you put each CD onto its own 1GB USB stick, then
does anaconda handle changing USB sticks just like changing CDs?
Or, in theory you could plug in all the USB sticks simultaneously,
just like mounting multiple physical discs on multiple CD drives.


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