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intel driver and dual screen

when I connect external LCD monitor to my laptop's VGA connector I get
image on both monitors with the "same" resolution - just that the one
on the laptop is cropped.
Laptop supports 1280x800 and LCD 1280x1024 so I see the same desktop
on both screens just I don't see the bottom part on laptop screen.

I would like to have an option to do two things:
1. to turn off the laptop screen when I'm using only the external one.
(I have vista on this laptop also but I don't use it - under vista I
can use FN+F4 to rotate video modes and in one video mode only
external LCD is on, under Fedora 8 FN+F4 does nothing)
2. ability to switch both screens on but not in mirror mode but in
dual screen mode.

I'm using Fedora 8 with latest updates and with intel 2.1.1 driver.

Are there any intel utilities that make managing video setup easier?
Can you please point me to some web resources that address issues I

Thank you in advance,

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