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Re: intel driver and dual screen

On 16/01/2008, Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> when I connect external LCD monitor to my laptop's VGA connector I get
> image on both monitors with the "same" resolution - just that the one
> on the laptop is cropped.
> Laptop supports 1280x800 and LCD 1280x1024 so I see the same desktop
> on both screens just I don't see the bottom part on laptop screen.
> I would like to have an option to do two things:
> 1. to turn off the laptop screen when I'm using only the external one.
> (I have vista on this laptop also but I don't use it - under vista I
> can use FN+F4 to rotate video modes and in one video mode only
> external LCD is on, under Fedora 8 FN+F4 does nothing)
> 2. ability to switch both screens on but not in mirror mode but in
> dual screen mode.
> I'm using Fedora 8 with latest updates and with intel 2.1.1 driver.
> Are there any intel utilities that make managing video setup easier?
> Can you please point me to some web resources that address issues I
> mentioned.

xrandr can do the first

xrandr --output LVDS off

there may be a way to use xrandr to do the second, but I haven't
figured it out yet.

There's a nice utility in development to give a nice shiny GUI for these things:


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