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Re: Should vim-X11 conflict with vim-enhanced ?

Till Maas wrote:
alternatives is not a good solution for end-user apps on a multi-user
system because the admin is setting a preference that is really better
left to the user to decide.  The user can set this preference using an
alias (alias vim='gvim -v').

Conflicts precludes the ability to have both versions installed in case
one user of the system wants one thing and a different user wants
another.  Additionally, we are trying to get rid of unnecessary

Why should one want to use vim without X support, when vim with X support is installed? The only difference afaik is that it loads maybe some 1/100 of a second faster.

Has this been fixed?

Another issue is that maybe someone wants that vim-X11 is substituted by vim-enhanced when vim-X11 is removed because e.g. X11 is removed. But this does not mean that both binaries need to be installed all the time to make the user happy.

What are you trying to achieve?  Perhaps it would be simpler to get rid
of the vim-enhanced package?  Or perhaps what we have now is the
simplest solution.

For a user it is a very annoying situation. When one installs vim-X11, the binary /usr/bin/gvim) cannot be run with all possible names, e.g. vim, vimdiff, view, ... And running it with, e.g. "gvim -v -d" instead of "vimdiff" is also annoying.

You only need one command line arg.  "gvimdiff -v"

But I think you're missing the point of my question. We are presently treating vim and gvim as two different editors. When I install joe, I can't run it by invoking vim either :-) If this is the right concept we should let the user decide which editor to run. If this is conceptually wrong then we should only package one of them.

If this is the right concept but vim-enhanced is merely lacking features that are expected from a modern OS then maybe we need to tweak the build options and reorganize the package a bit.

For instance, to enable the xclipboard we could change the packages like this:
vim-minimal (/bin/vi) is for people on embedded systems.

vim-enhanced (/usr/bin/vim) compiled with --with-x=yes so that the xclipboard can be used. (Depends on the following additional packages above the current vim-enhanced::

vim-gtk (/usr/bin/gvim; basically the current vim-X11) compiled with the gtk ui and drags in the gtk stack.


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