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Headsup: soname changing ogre update on its way to F-8 and F-7

Hi all,

Unfortunately until now I have overlooked / missed the fact that ogre includes its own private copy of GLEW and of a few OpenGL headers, both if which are licensed under the not 100% free, SGI Free Software B and GLX Public License licenses.

I've already pushed a version of ogre to rawhide with this fixed (its using the system version of the OpenGL headers and GLEW (which is especially patched by yours truly to not have the license problem) instead.

Ar request of Spot I'll also be pushing the devel version to Fedora-8 and -7 updates, I'll also be pushing a new version of the ogre using chess package (I wish I wasn't so green when I packaged that and that I would have used a less generic name) too.

AFAIK chess is the only user of ogre, I've verified this with repoquery:
[hans localhost ~]$ repoquery -q --whatrequires 'libOgreMain-1.4.5.so()(64bit)'
[hans localhost ~]$

If you have an ogre using package in F-8, a simple rebuild should fix things, notice that for F-7 we're going from 1.2.5 -> 1.4.6 , so thats not only an ABI breakage but also an _API_ one, so a mere recompile won't fix this. If you expect to be bitten by this please yell loudly asap.



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