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Re: Should vim-X11 conflict with vim-enhanced ?

On Wed January 16 2008, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> Till Maas wrote:

> > Why should one want to use vim without X support, when vim with X support
> > is installed? The only difference afaik is that it loads maybe some 1/100
> > of a second faster.
> Has this been fixed?
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-maintainers/2007-March/msg00286.html

Adam Jackson wrote a long time ago:
| The one major reason to not want X support in your editor is so you
| don't block on the XOpenDisplay, which can take much longer than you
| want when using ssh with a forwarded display.  But I'd assert that the
| right way to fix that is to teach vim about xcb so the open can fail
| asynchronously.

Do you know how this can be reproduced? I did not find a bug for this in Red 
Hat's Bugzilla and when I use vim via ssh with "-X" and without and with it 
always opens instantly.

Adam, do you know, whether this is still unfixed? Or can you please describe 
how to reproduce this and open a bug report or provide a pointer?


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