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Re: SELinux removed from desktop cd spin?

On Jan 16, 2008 10:49 PM, Douglas McClendon
<dmc fedora filteredperception org> wrote:
> Valent Turkovic wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I believe that SELinux is a great linux server security hardening tool
> > but that has little use in desktop linux usage and it confuses
> > ordinary desktop users.
> > If it hasn't been discussed before I would like to propose that on
> > desktop cd spin SELinux is not installed by default, of course after
> > discussion and approval from you (fedora devels).
> But don't you see- this isn't a real issue-
> How hard is this? ->
> yum -y install livecd-tools
> sed -i -e 's/selinux\ --enforcing/selinux\ --disabled/' \
> /usr/share/livecd-tools/livecd-fedora-8-base-desktop.ks
> livecd-creator \
> --config=/usr/share/livecd-tools/livecd-fedora-8-desktop.ks
> Cheers,
> -dmc
> P.S. - yes, it's a bit trickier to extract the 100MB or so of selinux
> support packages so that you can actually fit more of the software you
> are interested in on the constrained 700MB livecd, but I'll leave that
> as an excercise for the reader.

What 100mb? That is even a better reason to dump SELinux out of
Desktip spin and give users in those 100MB apps that they actually
need on their desktops.


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