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Re: Fedora Enhancement!!

Salloum EL DAHDAAH wrote:

I am currently using fedora 8 i was a windows users and vb.net
developer, i currently switched to fedora 8 for having a stable os
running on my machine but i would like to post some ideas for fedora
development team:

Driver Issues: 1- VGA:
3D Support especially with the new series.

Sony built in camera VCC 6

3- Pocket Pc:
Imate JAM

the drivers are really a mess to find and to make them work and
sometimes it fails.

I currently made 15 persons turn from windows to fedora due to its
performance i would like to have a solution for the following issues and
i would like to know if there is any version of fedora that can run on
pocket pcs like Imate and HTC.

Thank you

looking forward to fedora 8 @ least beta 1 :D

If you are looking for a better out of the box experience and just need stuff to work try MintLinux 4.0. Fedora has legal restraints because uf US laws that prevent them from distributing some code - but distros like MintLinux don't so check that out.


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