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Re: SELinux removed from desktop cd spin?

Warren Togami wrote:
Valent Turkovic wrote:
I believe that SELinux is a great linux server security hardening tool
but that has little use in desktop linux usage and it confuses
ordinary desktop users.
If it hasn't been discussed before I would like to propose that on
desktop cd spin SELinux is not installed by default, of course after
discussion and approval from you (fedora devels).


Also keep in mind that if SELinux break something on the desktop, THAT is a bug. Starting before F8 I personally began to use SELinux enabled

Well I repoted how SELinux "broke" a mayor Fedora 8 feature. Fluendo codecs don't work even if you buy them. Sure it is SELinux job to disable if software has bugs, but fluendo can't fix it because it is intel compiler bug that they can fix... and so on and on... This is just one example. I disabled SELiux for that bug and now I can play my multimedia. Did my machine blow up? Dig I get OWNED? Am I now asking hacked to come and get me? Are my files being read and deleted randomly by somebody? Did my memory overflow? No, no, no, no. People just want thing to JustWork and SELinux has the stoping power of magnum .44. Sure it is a powefull tool but you are puting it in inexperienced hands and doing more damage to fedora desktop that it gives benefit to users.

On my RHEL or CentoOS servers, yes. But on my desktop no.

all the time. At first a few things were broken, but I figured out how to report smart Bugzilla reports against selinux-policy and dwalsh takes care of them real quick.

Same here. But I still see too much negative that positive for average users who aren't going to understand your or mine point and for sure won't like if something doesn't work on their desktop no matter the reason being bugs or security.

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