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Re: SELinux removed from desktop cd spin?

On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 10:35:17PM +0100, Valent Turkovic wrote:
> And that is exactly why this feels like testing ground for RHEL and
> not an option that actually benefits users because you admit that it
> is not ready for "joe user".

I think that your assumption that fedora is ready for joe user is wrong.
But it suits users who have a knowledge of linux and what is going on
and how to go find on the internet how to fix some brokenness. For
example how to disable selinux, how to workaround updates failing, and
so on for the other bugs that creep in. I personnally don't advise
fedora for perfect newbies. On the other hand I advise it for power
users, and even wanna be power users. I also think that it is nice for
users who have a power user to troubleshoot the rare issues. In most
cases a power user will know which features to disable at install time
(currently selinux) and what is the right security/usability balance for
a given user.

I think that ubuntu is better for an isolated newbie who uses the
desktop only and wants to install linux on his own by downloading a CD.
Now I also find ubuntu very sysadmin and power user hostile. And also I
prefer to install fedora on pc of friends who are perfect newbies, but
know how to reach me when they have a problem.


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