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Re: Fedora bug triage - workflow proposal

On 2008-01-16, 06:21 GMT, Jon Stanley wrote:
>> What about the above case of NEEDINFO(maintainer)?
> Great question, I've never seen this actually used.  Most of the time
> it's in NEEDINFO(reporter).  I guess some logic could be used, I'm not
> sure of the how good tag support is in the XMLRPC API.  Maybe someone
> smarter than me could comment.

NEEDINFO(maintainer) is kind of difficult. I know for sure that 
there are developers with huge number of opened bugs (I won't 
name the ...) who actually claim that marking a bug as 
NEEDINFO(maintainer) is one of the most secure ways how to make 
it lost. Developers either follow all their bugmail and 
NEEDINFO(maintainer) is unnecessary, or they just go for ASSIGNED 
bugs and then it is actually pretty harmful.

While writing previous paragraph, the issue begin pretty clear to 
me -- now I would vote for removing NEEDINFO(maintainer) from the 
bugzilla (or at least its Fedora part it is possible to separate 
it) completely. If anybody every comes with the reason why he 
needs to set NEEDINFO against maintainer, there is always 

Just my 0.02 CZK


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