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Re: SELinux removed from desktop cd spin?

Andrew Farris wrote:
Valent Turkovic wrote:
Those are just a nonsense quotes as yours. I understand security. I also understand desktop usability. I believe that SELinux it too raw for general purpose desktop. Give it a year or two to mature and maybe then.

How is this 'maturing' process supposed to occur when the vast majority of general purpose users are not even trying it? The rawhide testers using it on a daily basis cannot possibly invoke all the possible combinations of operations that lead to selinux issues, and they don't have all the proprietary software to install and find out what happens. When a user tries it and runs into problems, they can turn it off. When a user never tries it, the problems stay hidden (and no thats not a better result).

I believe that Fedora has some guidelines how some technology gets tested? Surely not by showing it to peoples faces and making them deal with it. I saw lost of examples where fedora devels have pulled out some feature because it wasn't mature and was getting in way of usability. I don't get why is this case any different.

Again I'm not talking about general fedora distro, only Desktop spin.


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