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Re: SELinux removed from desktop cd spin?

Till Maas wrote:
On Wed January 16 2008, Valent Turkovic wrote:

Dan you are taking this the wrong way. Of course SElinux is great, of
course it prevents from 0day exploits, no body is challenging that.
But what was the real threat to average desktop users? Has anybody
made use of this 0day exploit threat? is there a linux virus in the
wild that spread like wildfire that took down all desktops that didn't
use SELinux?

The desktop users are the threat, e.g. in internet cafes or computer pools in universities or libraries.

Come on, you stretching it waaaay to much. I believe that universities would go a more corporate way with support - something like SLED maybe, since RedHat doesn't provide any corporate desktop and fedora it too cutting edge for such institutions.

Look just at evolution, is has much more bugs now in Fedora 8 that in Fedora Core 6 (yes I filed bugs). Nobody sane doesn't install fedora on such large numbers of desktops without any support.


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