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Re: SELinux removed from desktop cd spin?

On Thursday 17 January 2008 09:26:48 Valent Turkovic wrote:
> Come on, you stretching it waaaay to much. I believe that universities
> would go a more corporate way with support - something like SLED maybe,
> since RedHat doesn't provide any corporate desktop and fedora it too
> cutting edge for such institutions.

Red Hat does ship a corporate desktop, I have no idea where you got the idea 
that they don't.

> Look just at evolution, is has much more bugs now in Fedora 8 that in
> Fedora Core 6 (yes I filed bugs). Nobody sane doesn't install fedora on
> such large numbers of desktops without any support.

Nobody sane installs a system like Fedora on a large scale or "mission 
critical" environment anyway.  Fedora changes to often and too quickly.

-- Benjamin Kreuter

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