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Re: firewall changes for F-9+

Adam Tkac schrieb:
>> IpSec and IPP as services don't sound very much like desktop
>> applications.

They do if you have a desktop machine sharing a printer. If the
system-config-printer tool would open up the IPP port automatically when
you share a printer that would be fine though.

> Definitely. Also mdns enabled on desktop doesn't make sence for me. I
> think only ssh will be enabled on both server and desktop.

DNS-SD over mDNS is used by Avahi for service discovery. Especially on a
desktop/laptop you want to see the services other machines announce on
the network like file shares (someone going to solve the firewall issue
here?), VNC, printer etc.. I'd consider Avahi to be important for the
"just works" network experience.


    Tim Niemueller <tim niemueller de>      www.niemueller.de
 Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

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