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KDE 4.0, Compiz, and Fedora 9

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Hey there,

I'm currently using Fedora 8 and primarily use Gnome with Compiz-Fusion. I also enjoy going into KDE every once in a while. However, I've noticed that Compiz-Fusion wreaks havoc on KDE. First of all, a lot of my programs with status messages (Kopete chat windows, Amarok) get garbled text in the status bar and sometimes in the title bar. Second, the pager does not show all of my programs open in other desktops.

Also, it appears to ignore my KDE-set Window decorations.

Since KDE 4.0 is going to have its own Composite Manager built in as well as many of the same desktop effects as Compiz, I propose that for Fedora 9/KDE 4.0 we have Compiz-Fusion not load when the user in in KDE (unless they really want it to and then we can have some checkbox they can check)


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