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Re: Rawhide update status

Mike Chambers wrote:
Hrm, guess there *might* be one more thing, but this was in F8 and maybe
it's in F9.  I have onboard sound (AC97?) and a SB Audigy pci card.  I
use the SB card for main sound.  So currently usually it's ac97 for
card1 and SB for card0.  Well, pulseaudio detects them that way, but it
keeps putting card1 on top in pulseaudio volume control menu, and making
it default, when it's not.  So I have to move the modules up/down so SB
is 1, detected as that and then it appears and as default.  Otherwise, I
have to manually make it default every time I reboot/login to gnome, so
I can hear sounds, instead of it remembering the setting.  Heh, hope I
explained that right.

Anyway, off to bed, more testing tomorrow and the weekend.

My primary desktop system has that exact issue with F8 (audigy and intel ac97), except with the pulseaudio 0.9.8 update from testing this is partly fixed. While I still cannot get the volume meter to open with the correct card (it picks the intel chip) I do get most applications to use the correct one by default now, and they did not in 0.9.7. In 0.9.7 I had to open an application, then open volume control, and move the stream to the other sink. I hope to move that system to rawhide soon and see how things are progressing with fresh pulseaudio settings.

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