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Re: compilation architecture

On 18.01.2008 15:41, drago01 wrote:

>> GDM is loaded earlier - starting feels much shorter.
> we had this in earilier releases,

Are you sure? IIRC gdm-early-login never left the experimental stage.

> but this does not fix anything it just hiddes the real issues.

I tend to disagree a small bit. It could be a net win if we'd use the
time while the user logs in (¹) for other things in the background
(loading things that we know will be used into the cache, start
non-crucial daemons, ....). It works well in Opensuse and the boot feels
faster (even if it's sometimes not that much faster if you measure it
with a stopwatch).


(¹) currently afaics the computer mainly is waiting for the user to type
username and password (which can take 5 seconds or more -- depending on
how fast you type and if you are actually around when GDM shows up),
thus there are a lot of spare cycles that could be used for other things

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