An interesting read when discussing what to do about our bugs...

nodata lsof at
Sat Jan 19 18:08:17 UTC 2008

Am Freitag, den 18.01.2008, 13:36 -0500 schrieb Benjamin Kreuter:
> I've had a similar experience with Ubuntu guys -- they are not
> interested in 
> discussing any serious problems with their distro.  There was an
> STNYLug 
> meeting at my school a few months back, and is was led by a Canonical 
> employee.  He wanted us to think up a list of Linux pros and cons --
> but when 
> I suggested that packages breaking between major releases was a con, I
> was 
> completely shot down by him.  He didn't even want to discuss it.  Some
> other 
> Ubuntu contributors in the room acted like it wasn't really a problem
> because 
> other systems suffer from it as well.
> I walked out...
> -- Benjamin Kreuter

Apart from security bugs, I have never had a bug fixed in Ubuntu, ever.
The tactic seems to be to wait until Debian fix it, or wait until Debian
fix it and then ask you to upgrade to the next release.

Fedora does a lot better, much better, but probably the most annoying
aspect of using Fedora's bugzilla is the attitude of some of the
maintainers (not all) and the "closing, report upstream" attitude.

Closing a bug report with "report it upstream" is a let down. It's
repetitive boring work that a computer should be doing.

It takes a lot of effort to report a bug, and by this I mean that I know
a *lot* of people who find a bug, and maybe a fix, but don't bug report
it. They should be, but I can see why they don't.

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