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Re: An interesting read when discussing what to do about our bugs...

seth vidal <skvidal fedoraproject org> writes:
> On Sat, 2008-01-19 at 19:08 +0100, nodata wrote:
>> Closing a bug report with "report it upstream" is a let down. It's
>> repetitive boring work that a computer should be doing.
>> It takes a lot of effort to report a bug, and by this I mean that I know
>> a *lot* of people who find a bug, and maybe a fix, but don't bug report
>> it. They should be, but I can see why they don't.

> Hmm, is that what the 'upstream' close reason is for?

I believe what that's supposed to mean is "the bug *has been* reported
upstream" --- either by the maintainer or the original reporter.

Now if the maintainer can't fix it himself, I can see the point of
asking the original reporter to report upstream: cutting out the
middleman.  If upstream wants more details they're likely to need to
ask the original reporter anyway.

But certainly the maintainer should be polite about asking that.

			regards, tom lane

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