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Opinion: Preferred Applications & Removable Drives and Media


I would like to know the developers opinion about the double preferred

You have:
"Preferred Applications" which does:
- Internet
- - Web Browser
- - Mail Client
- Multimedia
- - Multimedia Player
- System
- - Terminal Emulator
- Accessibility
- - Visual
- - Mobility

And you have:
"Removable Drives and Media" which does:
- Storage
- - Rem. Storage
- - Blanc CD and DVD
- Multimedia
- - Audio CD discs
- - Video DVD discs
- - Portable Music players
- Cameras
O well.. you get the point till here.

Now what i mean is that those 2 programs each manage there own
preferred applications which is really confusion. I just spend a few
hours to find out where to change the Autoplay for DVD's (and i'm
close to a advanced linux/fedora user) which was set at totem and i
wanted to have mplayer.

My idea would be to drop the 2 existing applications completely and
create 1 new application to handle the preferred applications for all
programs (internet) and hardware (video dvd).

The advantages
- One place for all preferred applications
- Preferred apps can be found where they are expected
- way more user friendly (that's what fedora wants right?)
And i'm sure there are a lot more

The disadvantages
- A new application has to be made so time (and perhaps money) has to
be put into this

So.. what are your thoughts about this one?

I'm probably gonna fill in a feature request on gnome's bugzilla but
some feedback about this one would be nice.


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