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Re: Opinion: Preferred Applications & Removable Drives and Media

On Sat, 2008-01-19 at 23:28 +0100, Mark wrote:

> My idea would be to drop the 2 existing applications completely and
> create 1 new application to handle the preferred applications for all
> programs (internet) and hardware (video dvd).

gnome-volume-manager has long been on the desktop teams list of things
to kill and redo in a better way. It started out as a way to configure 
what happens when removable media gets inserted, and then it grew more 
and more unrelated tabs, which largely ask you to enter commandlines
that get executed at certain times, some of them pretty nonsensical.
Who needs to run something when a mouse is plugged in ?! Instead, the
mouse should just work...

If you check out recent rawhide you will notice that we have finally
made some progress towards killing g-v-m: the configuration for
automounting/autorunning removable media has moved to nautilus (see the
Media tab in nautilus-file-management-properties). I hope that David
will soon post some more about the really cool stuff he has been doing
there together with Alex.

The remaining tabs in g-v-m will hopefully become more and more
unnecessary over time. A good example is our printing system, which
notices new printers and does the right thing without a manually entered


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