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Experiment: an RPM that shows uninstalled apps in main menu

This is an idea I've had about a year ago and gave some thought on and off since then, but Richard Hughes has mentioned a similar idea several times on this list as well.

The idea is to show the (large number of) applications available to Fedora users through yum, but instead of a linear list displayed in pirut for example, show them directly in the main menu: that way the available apps are already categorized in a familiar way, and you can see the application icons and short descriptions through the menu tooltip.

For kicks and giggles, I hacked up a proof-of-concept RPM here for F-8 :


After installation, you'll have to restart the gnome-panel with a quick 'killall gnome-panel'. The rpm is 5 MB, which is not bad for almost 1000 apps (remember we're only talking about GUI apps here, i.e. apps that install a desktop file).



The RPM comes with a 'fedora-apps-update' binary that updates the symlinks based on the apps already installed (so that an installed application doesn't show up on the uninstalled list).

What command should this menu entries run ? i was hoping there would be a simple 'pirut --install foo' or 'pup --install foo' option, but apparently there isn't.

Comments ?


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