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Re: Experiment: an RPM that shows uninstalled apps in main menu

On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 02:22 +0100, Denis Leroy wrote:
> This is an idea I've had about a year ago and gave some thought on and 
> off since then, but Richard Hughes has mentioned a similar idea several 
> times on this list as well.
> The idea is to show the (large number of) applications available to 
> Fedora users through yum, but instead of a linear list displayed in 
> pirut for example, show them directly in the main menu: that way the 
> available apps are already categorized in a familiar way, and you can 
> see the application icons and short descriptions through the menu tooltip.

This just sounds like an awesome idea to me. I wonder how tightly could
that be integrated into Gnome and the desktop file specification. It
would be kind of elegant if the .desktop file contained a boolean
stating if the application is installed.

Then the gnome menu would contain something that would resemble the
thing that expands personalized menus in Windows except for that it
would unhide the uninstalled applications. And this could be turned off,
of course :) In KDE4, the Search capability of the menu could be enough
for user not to get lost in not-installed applications.

Lubomir Kundrak (Red Hat Security Response Team)

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