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Re: fedora users contribution

> Hi,
> these are problems you are probably always going to have, because the
> wast majority of people is just not interested in "how things work".
> This is not wrong from a user friendly point of view but leads to the
> fact that most users are even unable to ask the right questions or
> unwilling to read some guidelines.
> So if you open up a BB or something for newbies, you will probably get
> 99.9% of questions which are correctly answered by RTFM or are even not
> understandable.
> Best way to help those users in particular problems is IMO a direct
> personal approach with really friendly (and patient) supporters.
> So I think the best solution would be to encourage those supporters
> everywhere to translate the problems into geekish and send them to the
> right points. Although some polls or stuff could help too.
> christoph

Geekish LOL :)

Back to topic at hand. Are there some efforts from fedora and red hat
that do this? I listen to Novell podcast and I hear there that they
have user usability studies - I think that fedora and rad hat if
aren't doing them already should start doing them ASAP. If there are
such efforts please point me in the right direction because I have a
few ideas and would like to contribute.


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