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Re: fedora users contribution

Christoph Höger wrote:
these are problems you are probably always going to have, because the
wast majority of people is just not interested in "how things work".
This is not wrong from a user friendly point of view but leads to the
fact that most users are even unable to ask the right questions or
unwilling to read some guidelines.
So if you open up a BB or something for newbies, you will probably get
99.9% of questions which are correctly answered by RTFM or are even not
Best way to help those users in particular problems is IMO a direct
personal approach with really friendly (and patient) supporters.
So I think the best solution would be to encourage those supporters
everywhere to translate the problems into geekish and send them to the
right points. Although some polls or stuff could help too.

The other method that works VERY well for getting feedback with users new to linux is the basic 'HOWTO' wiki or forum that has comments... Thats an area that fedora is lacking compared to many other distros. There is an ever increasing community at fedoraforum.org, which is good, but good howto docs (with ability for users to comment/ask questions) is behind. These docs don't have to be exhaustive, just accurate and specific about doing one thing with specific hardware/software.

The people helping out with posting on fedoraforum do need to keep in mind though, anything that really should be brought to devs attention (bz, mailing lists, etc) needs to be done by the person with the answers on the forum, not the guy with the questions.

Getting new users into irc is one of the first and best steps as well...

Most people that are new wouldn't know what to do with bug reports, followups, closing when they are finished, so thats not really a good format for that kind of info dissemination.

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