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Re: Experiment: an RPM that shows uninstalled apps in main menu

> On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 02:22 +0100, Denis Leroy wrote:
>> This is an idea I've had about a year ago and gave some thought on and
>> off since then, but Richard Hughes has mentioned a similar idea several
>> times on this list as well.
>> The idea is to show the (large number of) applications available to
>> Fedora users through yum, but instead of a linear list displayed in
>> pirut for example, show them directly in the main menu: that way the
>> available apps are already categorized in a familiar way, and you can
>> see the application icons and short descriptions through the menu
>> tooltip.
> This just sounds like an awesome idea to me. I wonder how tightly could
> that be integrated into Gnome and the desktop file specification. It
> would be kind of elegant if the .desktop file contained a boolean
> stating if the application is installed.

If the app isn't installed, there would be no .desktop.  No?

> Then the gnome menu would contain something that would resemble the
> thing that expands personalized menus in Windows except for that it
> would unhide the uninstalled applications. And this could be turned off,
> of course :) In KDE4, the Search capability of the menu could be enough
> for user not to get lost in not-installed applications.
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